The Power of Kunzea | Warrior Recovery Oil

Before launching Warrior Recovery online, it has been tried and tested for several months behind the scenes...

How it began?

Warrior Recovery Oil was first created for the athletes of the Busselton 100 Triathlon in Western Australia in April 2022 and was made with the intention of being a post-race muscle treatment. The response and feedback from the athletes (and spectators) was so positive that it was evident it was something special that needed to be offered on a broader scale!

Essential Oil game changer, backed by science.

The most medicinal innuendo potion to date, Warrior Recovery Oil stars two powerful Australian essential oils. West Australian Sandalwood and an the essential oil game-changer…Kunzea Oil. 

The power and benefits of essential oils are broadly know and accepted. However, Kunzea ambigua essential oil, has been recognised by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as having the ability to provide temporary relief of the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains. It also can heal insect bites, and help treat cold and flu symptoms. It also anti-fungal properties and is an ideal and safe remedy to cuts and compromised skin-barriers. The oils uplifting fragrance and cooling affect can also help relieve mental exhaustion.


A Tasmanian native, this plant has been used for its benefits in ancient Aboriginal cultures for muscle pain relief for thousands of years. Affectionately nick-named ‘tick-bush’ it is known for animals in the bush to seek rest and sleep underneath the branches where the scent and properties protect them from insects at night.

Steam Distilled.

Gently steam distilled and extracted to preserve the plants integrity, The perfect potion to help heal and recover, Warrior Oil is a non-greasy texture, absorbing in to the skin and working it’s magic directly where you need it most. Carried in the organic Paramour’s blend, rich in nutrients to comfort and heal the skin.

The Paramour's top uses of Warrior Recovery Oil

  1. Apply to pain points - arthritis, swollen joints and inflamed areas around the body
  2. Apply for relief and healing of insect bites
  3. Use it's cooling and grounding properties to ease headaches and anxiety
  4. Wear as an insect repellent
  5. Apply to chest and pulse points to help ease cold and flu symptoms
  6. Use as an anti inflammatory massage oil to gain  benefits from head to toe
  7. Apply to grazes, bumps and bruises - it is a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal and will help you heal faster
  8. Add to bath for a soothing bath oil and alternative to soap.

I hope you enjoy discovering the benefits of using the Warrior Recovery Oil as much as I did creating it! Enjoy discovering the Warrior Recovery Oil! Available for purchase here for $46.


The Paramour xx


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