For The Warriors Campaign

Increase Pleasure. Decrease Pain.

The Innuendo brand began with the concept of Endo Oil. Our Hero(ine) product has an array of incredible uses and benefits but was born from a desire to compliment our Founder’s medical treatment for Endometriosis, hence, Endo Oil was born and Innuendo became its home.

Early on into this personal journey, it become extremely evident that Endometriosis was an incredibly common condition affecting up to one in nine women, yet so much was still undiscovered, under-researched. With the knowledge that a beautiful product encouraging self-care can be a great vessel for change to people's lives in more ways than one, the decision was made to share Endo Oil and use it as a tool to connect, collect and contribute.

Endometriosis is not the only under-funded, under-recognized, misunderstood challenge to women and their communities today.

It doesn't stop there. So neither will we.

Each month, Innuendo by The Paramour will partner with an organisation which aligns with our purpose and vision. The commitment of this partnership is that $5 from every bottle of Endo Oil will be donated to our partner organisation for the duration of the month.

So, when purchasing a bottle of Endo Oil, you will be receiving a beautiful, custom, hand-poured product and enjoy it knowing you have donated generously to some body in need.

Made for The Warriors.

Made for The Wanderers.

Made for Her.

If you are (or know of) an organisation that would like to discuss a potential partnership with Innuendo by The Paramour, reach out via email to 







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