Endo Oil. Initially created by one woman, for one woman.

In 2020, our founder Fleur, after experiencing 2 weeks of acute pain in her lower abdomen was taken to hospital with suspected Appendicitis. Twelve hours, one ambulance ride and an emergency laprascopic surgery later she awoke in a different hospital and was told good news - no ovarian torsion was found (as was initially feared). Bad news - she had stage four Endometriosis throughout her pelvis and a number of concerning conditions related to the impact of this chronic inflammatory disease.

This was not a shock, as such, in fact, instinictually (like many others) she knew something was always 'wrong' and years of painful symptoms and side affects all now, made perfect sense. After this initial operation and diagnosis, a flurry of medical appointments and prescriptions followed with the ultimate goal of pain management and conducting a second, more thorough and planned operation to remove as much of the disease as possible.

Due to COVID, strains on the Australian medical system and the complexities of Fleur's particular Endometriosis, 18 months have passed awaiting a second operation and further treatment.


Endo Oil. Complimentary to medical treatment.

Knowing the wait would be indefinite, Fleur was inspired to search for a natural product to complement her medical treatments for Endometriosis. Finding oils useful for post-laparoscopic scar-repair and soothing pain flare-ups, Fleur turned her eye to creating a unique blend that supported her needs and recovery. From this, Endo Oil evolved into the multi-use, sensual product that it is now.

Endo Oil. Benefits beyond the bottle.

When researching Endometriosis, it is not long before anyone will realise still, how little is known about this disease. With the astonishing impact that it has not just on women, but families, fertility and mental-health, it is astounding that there has not been more research and funding to find out more about this disease before now. Well aware that this doesn't just stop with Endometriosis but a number of female related issues globally, Fleur wanted Endo Oil to be a vessel creating change. So, whether you have purchased Endo Oil to aid pain relief, hydrate the skin, nourish the hair or as a sensual massage oil (the list goes on!). With every purchase of the bottle there is a donation to others who need it most via the For The Warriors campaign.


Thank you for visiting Innuendo and being part of the story,
Fleur x