Born from a desire to feel good and do good, Innuendo by The Paramour creates luxury products that facilitate self-care, comfort and healing. 
Made in a little city called Perth. Ocean to the West, desert to the East and Wine Country to the South, Innuendo products are Australian made and owned - proudly and permanently. We work with local suppliers and artisans to craft products that align with our vision to increase pleasure and decrease pain. 
Our hero(ine) product, Endo Oil, was inspired by the warriors of this world who have known someone, or suffered personally from Endometriosis. 
We don't claim to be a cure for Endo, nor should you believe anything that you read online that claims to fix this chronic and painful condition. Rather, Innuendo by The Paramour's goal is provide you with the tools you need to enhance your own comfort, minimise your pain, and take a step in the ever important direction of self love and care. 
We recognise the role that community plays in the journey towards healing, as well as the peculiar joy that comes from giving back. In honour of the communities that have supported our lives, Innuendo by The Paramour has created the For the Warriors Campaign, proudly working with a new charity every month. Read more here.