Luxury Wrapping and Deluxe Sample with Every Order

If you have ever read or heard of Gary Chapman’s book on Love Languages you will be familiar with the five ‘languages’ summarised in his work, ‘words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch’.

Well, it turns out The Paramour is bi-lingual in love and is fluent in the art of acts of service and gift giving…

Detailed. Luxury Service.

When an order is received at Innuendo HQ, products are collected, hand-poured, hand-filled and triple checked for quality before they are packed for the recipient. If the order includes an Endo Oil, a personalised, gold-pressed donation certificate is filled out before hand-pouring the oil to order.

Products are placed in a recyclable black gift box, products are wrapped in protective tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. Custom Innuendo cotton ribbon completes the plastic-free wrapping and every care is taken to ensure your order will arrive safety and smoothly. 

You will be kept in the loop every step of the way on the progress of your order.

A Surprise. A Delight.

 A deluxe, glass encased sample will be hand selected for you and placed with your order. Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional love-letter or sweet treats too (you just never know)...


The Paramour x

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