Oh My Goddess Salts 1kg

$25.00 AUD

*Now in 1kg canvas bags*

For the hard-workers, high-heel warriors, the glam-tan lovers and the empire builders...

Use of salt baths as a means to heal and relax the body can claim its origin as far back as Ancient Egyptian times. Reports say that Cleopatra herself raved of the benefits of salt water on the body for healing and relaxation, with Dead Sea Salts featuring extensively in her beauty regimen.

Fit for a Pharaoh, this product uses a concentrated blend of two salt types (Organic Israeli Dead Sea and German Epsom Salt) meaning less salt needed per use compared to standard bath salts to achieve health benefits. Hand-crafted lavender dust is mixed throughout the formula, which gives a blissful aroma, and aids well earned muscle-relaxation with decadent and fragrant botanicals.

For the apartment-living Paramours, use these salts as a foot soak to heal and soothe those tired toes and heavy heels.

Channel your true inner-Cleopatra by mixing your salts with oil and honey for a decadent, Sphinx-free, all natural, smoothing, beauty treatment. A multi-textures scrub which buffs and smooths the skin.

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Use after a long-day, a late-night, for high-heel recovery, fake-tan removal or to aid soothing the painful new-shoes-blues…

For a foot soak, put a towel down in front of your favourite armchair, place a watertight container on top of the towel (wide and shallow is best). Place 3 level spoons in the container and fill with warm water, stir to dissolve salts and place feet in water and relax.

For a body soak, use 5 level spoons of salt mix in a bath and fill with warm water, bathe as normal.

To make a Cleopatra Honey body buff: In a small bowl, place 5 level spoons of salts, 1 teaspoon of honey and ¼ cup of coconut oil. Stir to combine ingredients. Best applied on warm damp skin - standing in the shower, avoiding your face and neck. Apply with hands in circular motions towards the heart. Rinse off with water.

Israeli Dead Sea Salt, German Epsom Salt, Bulgarian Rose Buds, Rose Petals, Australian Lavender Salt Dust, Australian Blood Orange, Australian Corn Flower Petals.

Benefits can include detoxification, skin-regeneration, exfoliation soothing aches, pains, allowing for deeper cleansing and healing.

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