Innuendo Silk Sleep Mask

$45.00 AUD

Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.

For the dream-catchers, the light-sleepers, the jet setters, the luxe-lovers and everyone in between…because you can do anything after a good nights sleep.

Originally created in the 1950’s it is one retro trend that has stood the test of time. Crafted from pure mulberry silk and filled with soft, ultra-fine cotton. When worn, the silk pad will gently hug your eyes and block out light. Say good-bye to morning ‘sheet lines’ around your eyes and cheekbones and wake up to smoother, radiant, cared-for skin. The band is gently and generously elasticated, providing a comfortable, soft, pressure-free fit for all sizes, melting in to your pillow or headrest. The smooth silk band will ensure no hair strands will be tweaked when wearing the mask.

Use this eye mask as part of your wind down routine; after devices are off, after your skincare care is applied. Bedtime, Naptime, Meditation-Time, and Me-Time.

100% mulberry silk, Cotton filling, Cotton tag.

The benefits of a silk eye mask go beyond a good nights sleep. Far from being ‘just a fabric’, mulberry silk holds natural proteins which gently lock in hydration and nutrients from your skincare (especially beneficial whilst sleeping with air-conditioning or heating on), while you sleep, allowing you to wake up more hydrated than you would have been sleeping on standard cotton.

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