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Innuendo by The Paramour is delighted to share that the March recipients of the “For The Warriors” Campaign is Endometriosis Western Australia!

About Endometriosis WA
The beautiful thing about Endometriosis WA (EndoWA) is that this non-profit organisation was born in 2019 from members of an Endometriosis Support Group. This support group existed because there was no formal body of representation in Western Australia for those with Endometriosis. After years of self-run and self-funded support, a core team of “Endo WA Warriors” became the young but prominent organisation it is in WA today. 
EndoWA has become a member of the The Australian Coalition for Endometriosis (ACE). They have joined current members EndoActive, Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia, Endometriosis Australia and QENDO in this membership and it aims to will help Western Australian endometriosis patients have their voice included in future planning for disease prevention, management, research, and treatment at a national level.   
EndoWA's mission is to provide information and support to people living with endometriosis. Driven by volunteers, it raises awareness, educates, and advances research related to endometriosis and its support group "EndoWArriors" runs free educational and social events throughout the year. An examlple of a great initiative of EndoWA is the creation of the ENDORIGINS project, initiated in November 2021 by Deputy President Of EndoWA and PhD candidate, Akaiti James. ENDORIGINS is a collaboration between researches at the Unitversity of Western Australia and Doctors at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and is also supported by the Fiona Wood Foundation.
Over the next five years, the project will collect clinical data and samples from people having surgery for Endometriosis at KEMH. The samples and data will be used in experiments to understand how and why endometriosis occurs, leading to better diagnosis and treatments in the future.
So, What is Endometriosis? 
Endometriosis is an all-too-common disease, close to our founder’s heart, Fleur’s experience with Endometriosis played a core role in Innuendo’s very creation – more on that later! 
Endometriosis is a chronic disease where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows where it does not belong. On average, it takes seven years for patients to get an endometriosis diagnosis (yes, seven!!). The disease often severely impacts relationships, productivity and the quality of life of people living with endometriosis. To put an  Australian dollar on the impact - 2018 fiscal year, endometriosis cost the Australian economy $7.4 billion in lost productivity! 
Who ‘gets’ it? 
1 in 9 women, girls and those assigned female at birth will have endometriosis.
What is the cure?
There is no cure!And without further funding, research and support of this issue, there won't be one! 
What is it like living with Endometriosis?
Every body , is different. However, common symptoms include painful periods, excessive bleeding, pain with intercourse, infertility, digestive tract inflammation, pain and bleeding.  
Can Endo Oil cure Endometriosis? 
The Endo Oil Story
With an extremely long wait between initial diagnosis of Endometriosis and a second surgery to try and remove Endometriosis, Fleur was inspired to search for a natural product to complement her medical treatments for Endometriosis symptoms. With respect and belief in modern-medicine but with an openness to holistic treatment and healing, Fleur found high-grade oils incredibly useful for post-laparoscopic scar-repair, soothing pain flare-ups and easing pain-induced anxiety. She turned her eye to creating a unique blend that supported her needs and recovery. From this, Endo Oil evolved into the multi-use, sensual product that it is now. And what better way to celebrate its journey with a $5 donation to Endometriosis WA with every purchase. Read more on the Endo Oil story here.
The perfect gift for any Endo Warrior you know, purchase Endo Oil in March and donate to this wonderful cause. Purchase Endo Oil here.
You can make additional donations to Endometriosis WA here If you have Endometriosis, or think you may have it, and live in Western Australia, join the Facebook Support Group – Endometriosis Western Australia Warriors. 


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