International Women's Day Collaboration

Two Perth Female entrepreneurs collaborate in celebration of Women’s Day 2023
If you are a regular and up to date with the latest handmade brands attending the Perth Upmarket, two local Perth female entrepreneurs may be on your radar.
Meet Carly and Fleur.


Carly is the creator and founder of Rivarossa Botaicals, crafting and designing through natural dying using native pants and botanicals to create unique garments and lifestyle pieces. Rivarosssa was born whilst battling one of the world’s toughest Covid lockdown environments in rural Italy with her family.

Fleur is the creator and founder of Innuendo by The Paramour, using her background in the luxury fragrance beauty industry to create body oils used for pain relief and general self-care. Her diagnosis and experience with Endometriosis (a disease which affects up to 1 in 9 women) resulted in her creating Endo Oil her brand ‘heroine’ multi-use product.

In celebration of International Womens Day 2023 Innuendo and Rivarossa have teamed up to offer an exclusive pairing of the Innuendo For Her Body Elixir, a stunning all over body hydration treatment and a Rivarossa peace silk sleep mask – hand dyed using local plants and botanicals. This set will be available throughout the month of March and at the Perth Upmarket on Sunday 19th March at UWA.


What inspired this collaboration?
We met at first at the September 2022 Upmarket and realised that we both use materials for our products that are found in WA, so we thought it would be a perfect fit to do a lovely collaboration together.

What do you admire in each others brands?

Fleur has such a beautiful approach to how she runs her small business. She has found a market to help people with a journey that she herself has been on. She has beautiful images that represent her approach and standards of how she operates. I am so excited to see where her path takes her.


Carly has crafted such a beautiful and unique brand. Her passion and enthusiasm for her craft is infectious to be around and the quality and individuality of her products is stunning.

Some points about the synergy of your brands? 

I just love that we are women owned small businesses based in WA that both have the native nature here as a forefront in our business and sourcing of materials. We both love teaching others a craft that we are so passionate about. 


What does Womens Day mean to you?

Womens Day is about celebrating and admiring all women for their creativity, choices and imperfections! We both have busy and varied lives outside of our businesses. Carly is an incredible example of this – she manages to balance a family, having only moved here just over a year ago and still manages to channel her creativity into her business - it is so admirable. As women trying to do so much I don’t this either of us claim to be doing things perfectly within our businesses or beyond! But celebrating women is celebrating imperfections and seeing beauty in imperfection and that is a message we are both very comfortable to get behind and you can see that in our businesses and in the uniqueness and beauty of our products too.

We hope that everyone enjoys our products as much as we do and follows our journeys, takes a class with us or finds us for a chat at a market!


Follow their socials to keep up to date with upcoming markets.


The Women’s day set is available on both websites throughout March.


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