Signature Holiday Bundle

$80.00 AUD $100.00 AUD

An exclusive Holiday Bundle with the Hero(ine) Endo Oil, Signature Travel Candle and a Oh My Goddess Bath Salts Shot all for an incredible price.

Limited availability. This Bundle includes:

Endo Oil

With the ultimate vision of increasing pleasure and decreasing pain, the Innuendo range began with the creation of Endo Oil. An elixir with a beautifully intoxicating scent, our Hero(ine) product can help soothe pain points, aid skin and scar repair, hydrate, relieve anxiety, enhance your bath, be layered with fragrance and, when applied to pulse points, have an aphrodisiac effect.

Endo Oil was inspired and developed by our Founder’s search for a natural product to complement her medical treatments for Endometriosis. Finding oils useful for post-laparoscopic scar-repair and soothing pain flare-ups, Fleur turned her eye to creating a unique blend that supported her needs and recovery. From this, Endo Oil evolved into the multi-use, sensual product that it is now.

Signature Travel Candle

For the fragrance worshipers, interior lovers, the space makers, the ones in need of rest… 

Enjoy your space. This candle pairs beautifully with Endo Oil, utilising the same unique blend of pepper, rose geranium, lavender and cinnamon. Complete your wind-down ritual with our Signature Scent Candle.

OMG Bath Salts Shot

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