Women’s Day Innuendo X Rivarossa Collaboration Bundle

$100.00 AUD

Innuendo x Rivarossa have teamed up to offer an exclusive summer pairing of luscious gold oil and a peace silk sleep mask. Read below about each product.

This bundle stars the Innuendo For Her Gold Elixir.


Use this elixir to nourish your skin, add to your bath and facilitate some well deserved self-care.

Hand blended and starring West Australian grown and distilled Honey Myrtle, which calms and quiets the mind. Striking a perfect balance between citrus and sweet. With increased vitamin C-rich Organic Pomegranate Kernel Oil which revitalises, brightens and boosts collagen production. Camellia oil is blended throughout giving deep hydration, glow and nourishment.

All carried blend of lighter oils and nutrient dense extracts, this fast-absorbing elixir leaves the skin hydrated, glowing with no sticky residue. And, just because, 24 carat gold leaf is delicately placed in each bottle which melts in to the skin upon use.

Beautifully paired with the Rivarossa Botaicals vegan friendly and cruelty free, peace silk sleep masks are botanically hand dyed in Western Australia. Our sleep masks are designed to slide over your eyes without creating friction or pulling on the skin or hair.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and derived naturally from botanicals. They are 100% chemical free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Colours and patterns may vary slightly from images shown here.

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