For Her Gold Holiday Bundle

$98.00 AUD $122.00 AUD

An exclusive Holiday Set with the new For Her Gold Elixir, For Her Gold Home Candle and an Oh My Goddess bath salts shot all for an incredible price.

Limited and Beautiful. 

For Her Elixir Gold

Hand blended with locally sourced oils a Body Elixir with a twist.

With 24 Carat gold leaf gently placed in each bottle with each pour, this golden season, Innuendo has made an elixir to be remembered. 

Use this elixir to nourish your skin, add to your bath and facilitate some well deserved self-care.

Staring West Australian grown and distilled Honey Myrtle, which calms and quiets the mind. Striking a perfect balance between citrus and sweet.

With increased vitamin C-rich Organic Pomegranate Kernel Oil which revitalises, brightens and boosts collagen production.

Camelia oil is blended throughout giving deep hydration, glow and nourishment.

All carried blend of lighter oils and nutrient dense extracts, this fast-absorbing elixir leaves the skin hydrated, glowing with no sticky residue.

Make this elixir the perfect potion to nourish the skin head to toe. Deeply hydrating. Nutrient rich. Velvet texture.

Gold leaf melts into the skin giving a glowing base, ready to glow wherever you glow, this festive season.

Full leafs are places into the oil at pour. Shake the bottle to break disperse the gold more evenly throughout the elixir if you wish.


For Her Home Candle Gold

Feminine. Calming. Romantic.

Hand poured natural soy wax infused with pure essential oils of honey myrtle, bergamot, rosewood and lemongrass, with a dash of black tea and vanilla to cleanse, ground, calm and centre you and your space.

Decorative gold leaf and Bulgarian rose buds adorn the top ion this candle making it beautiful gift for you or another.


Oh My Goddess Bath Salts Shot

For the hard-workers, high-heel warriors, the glam-tan lovers and the empire builders...

Use of salt baths as a means to heal and relax the body can claim its origin as far back as Ancient Egyptian times. Reports say that Cleopatra herself raved of the benefits of salt water on the body for healing and relaxation, with Dead Sea Salts featuring extensively in her beauty regimen.

Fit for a Pharaoh, this product uses a concentrated blend of two salt types (Organic Israeli Dead Sea and German Epsom Salt) meaning less salt needed per use compared to standard bath salts to achieve health benefits. Hand-crafted lavender dust is mixed throughout the formula, which gives a blissful aroma, and aids well earned muscle-relaxation with decadent and fragrant botanicals.

For the apartment-living Paramours, use these salts as a foot soak to heal and soothe those tired toes and heavy heels.

Channel your true inner-Cleopatra by mixing your salts with oil and honey for a decadent, Sphinx-free, all natural, smoothing, beauty treatment. A multi-textured scrub which buffs and smooths the skin.

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